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CORONA VIRUS/COVID-19 - Advice for studios

13 Mar 2020 2:27 PM | Neil Gardner (Administrator)

Please find here some advice for studios regarding things you can do to help keep your facilities clean during this difficult time. 

This doesn’t constitute official or legal guidance/advice from the ACA, but rather it is a broad summary of the policies and practices that various studios and publishers are currently undertaking to reduce the risk of infection in the studios.

We hope you find it useful. Thanks to those who have helped bring this info together.

  • Daily cleaning of communal areas and studios stepped up to include additional anti-viral chemicals, including:
    • Disinfecting booth between recordings (including pop shields and anything else the actor uses such as headphones, tables, lecterns and iPads)
    • Disinfecting shared surfaces daily (including door handles, touch screen devices, keyboards and mice, light switches)
    • Full deep clean of studio three times a week
    • Ensuring aircon filters are cleaned two to three times a week

  • Displaying public health advice on basic hygiene and effective handwashing around studio and in bathrooms alongside provision of handwash, paper towels and soap in bathrooms and hand sanitizer in studios
  • Instructing staff to thoroughly wash hands before using any studio or catering equipment after coming in from the outside
  • Ensuring there are measures in place that would allow anyone to work from home (including producing remotely where possible), should they come into contact with the virus and need to be quarantined, so they won’t ‘risk it’ and come in anyway

  • Staff and visitors showing symptoms (cough, temperature, shortness of breath) or who have recently returned from a high risk location in the last 14 days are asked to self-isolate
  • Visitor access restricted to narrators and staff
  • Washing all communal dishes in dishwasher rather than by hand

If we can help any of our members during this period please don't hesitate to reach out.

Neil - Founder

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