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Devaluation of the Editing/Proofing Process

3 Mar 2020 9:48 AM | Neil Gardner (Administrator)

It has been brought to our attention that, once again, several publishers/production houses are attempting to hire editors at radically low prices AND are now also expecting the editor to take on the role of proofer within this price point.

The ACA stands firmly against such practices and will fight to maintain the integrity, expertise and professionalism of all editors and proofers, and for their right to be paid a fair wage and for their skills to be recognised as integral to the audiobook production process.

The offer being made is £20pfh for editing + proofing + mastering/fixes

This is simply outrageous, and does not come even close to the industry guideline standard.  On average, the fees being paid should be:

EDITING - £35-45pfh

PROOFING - £15pfh

And if you are asked to create Audio CD masters there should be an additional charge of approx. £50 per set to cover time, cost of materials and cost of postage.

We know that people need to work, and when offered titles from respectable sources the urge is to say yes, thank you! We would urge you to stand firm and request decent fees. Your time and expertise are worth so much more than £20pfh. 

And we ask our colleagues and clients offering these rates to reconsider their position. You know the value of these roles, and you understand the dangers of undermining the industry. Please look again at what you are asking, and increase your fees to the industry guideline standards. Respect those you employ on the technical side as much as you do on the narrating and author side.

JUST SAY NO to low fees and #KnowYourValue

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