ACA Manifesto for 2019-2020

6 Sep 2019 8:34 AM | Neil Gardner (Administrator)

After an initial year of building the ACA membership and awareness of the organisation, as well as researching what issues our members would like us to tackle, the ACA Working Group is pleased to announce our Manifesto for the year ahead, taking us until the end of 2020:

• UK rates (narrator and production) to be increased to reflect international sales revenue (either buy out + % of sales, or increased buy-out)

• Standardised guideline minimum pfh rates for editors & proofers

• Prep Sheets from Authors/Publishers + access to authors/editors for info)

• Fees for Prep Work where above the norm

• Credits to include production (e.g. Producer + Editor + Proofer)

• Standardised increase to proofer fees (e.g. £15pfh minimum)

• Standardised scheduling (e.g. 10-14 days prep time/access to final pdf)

• Industry standard contract + terms & conditions

• Industry standardised editing guidelines

• Creation of shared resources – pronunciations, experts list, research resources, etc…

• Create ties and partnerships with other organisations (Equity, SoA, PA, WG, etc…)

• Seek to find new ways to promote UK audiobooks and audiobook creativity to the public through press, publicity, events and outreach

If you have any views, insights or thoughts on any of these issues, please reach out and feedback. If you'd like to help with any of these issues, please do get in touch.

The ACA represents all creatives within the UK audiobook industry, from narrators and producers, to editors, proofers, studios and others. The aim of the organisation is to build stronger collaborative ties between these creative professionals, and between the creative side of the industry and the commissioning/publishing side.

Audiobook Creators Alliance (UK) - a non-profit collaborative organisation run by volunteers.

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