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New Year...New Members...New Start!

13 Jan 2019 1:06 PM | Neil Gardner (Administrator)

Well, 2019 is already here, and after six months of existence, the ACA has now reached over 200 members! That's simply incredible, and something we are very proud of. The membership consists of audiobook creatives from all areas of the industry - narrators, editors, proofers, producers, studio owners, authors, composers. This is exactly what we aimed to create, and thanks to you all, we have a strong, powerful collective voice!

So, now that the membership is at a high enough level, and of such a varied background, it is time to really get the motor running. In 2019 the ACA will have its voice heard. To do this, we need to build a team of volunteers to help organise and run things. The work won't be onerous, and no-one is expected to travel to meetings! E-meetings/Skype/tele-conferencing will be our modus operandi to begin with. To start with we are looking for:

10 people - a mix of narrators (home & studio), editors, proofers, producers, studio owners, and others.

These ten people will form the initial Working Group, which will put together the AIMS and AGENDA for 2019. This will all be done in consultation with the membership.

In addition, the ACA will begin to reach out to our fellow organisations and unions (Equity, AudioUK, WG, PA, BECTU, etc...) to establish working relationships and see where partnerships can be formed. We have already begun this process with Equity and AudioUK and hope to have more to report in the coming months.

There is a lot for us to be looking at, and a lot for us to work out how to approach...but with YOUR help, we think 2019 will be the first of many exciting years for the ACA, and UK audiobook creators - working TOGETHER to make audiobook voices heard!

So, if you'd like to offer you expertise, time and help to form the Working Group, please get in touch with me (info@aca-uk.org) and we'll get this ball rolling.


  • 11 May 2019 11:03 AM | Richard Price
    I would like to gain experience,so that I can offer my assistance! I would like to establish some contacts to gain a recording job if possible. I have been told I have the talent, just need to put myself out there & have faith!
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